Special Artists Stun the Crowd

This past Sunday, the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn hosted their fifth annual “Art of Friendship” Gallery, featuring a stunning collection of artwork created by members of the organization.

After many months of working on these creations, hundreds of people from the community and beyond came to view the beautiful gallery. The exhibition displayed three collections covering the theme of Shabbos: Women of Valor Canvas Collection, A Day of Light Candlestick Collection, and Nourishing the Soul Challah Board Collection. Friendship Circle also unveiled their unique, limited edition Bentcher Set, a vibrant and modern collection.

Guests were treated to custom Friendship Circle swag bags as they entered, and delighted in an afternoon of mingling while enjoying the delicious spread of food, fine wines and entertainment. The children were enthralled and got busy with face painting, arts and crafts and balloon art.

Rabbi Berel Majesky, director of Friendship Circle, addressed the crowd, paying tribute to the memory of Pavel H. Lampert, the late husband of Dianne Lampert. He spoke about the unique contribution the artists shared with the community, emphasizing that “it is so much more than just a gallery of artwork: We may never know the TRUE value of this art, but we know each and every one of our children represented here today are priceless; an intrinsic part of the Jewish nation, of our community.”

Heartfelt thanks go to the visionaries behind this unique EmpowerArt program: Joe Sprung and Dianne Lampert of the Bear Givers Foundation, true believers in putting children with special needs in the driver’s seat of giving. Thank you to all those who came to show their support for the Friendship Circle and its members – the talented artists. Each of the art pieces were created under the guidance of the FC volunteers, whose genuine care and love, bring out the talents in these special children, making magic happen every day.

The event may have passed but the echoes of the beauty of that afternoon continue to reverberate as friends and supporters visit FC Brooklyn’s website, viewing and purchasing the few remaining pieces that made up the Shabbos collection. Would you consider being a buyer too? See the artwork and Bentcher sets for sale online: Artwork can be viewed on Facebook, Bentchers can be purchased at fcbrooklyn.com/Shabbos or email office@FCBrooklyn.com.

Bentcher Set Features Special Art

 A limited edition set of “Bentchers” featuring artwork by children and young adults with special needs, has been printed and available for sale at the Friendship Circle’s upcoming art show.

Under the guidance of the Friendship Circle team, volunteers assisted each member of the Friendship Circle in creating a beautiful masterpiece in the theme of Shabbos. The workshops gifted each participant the opportunity to express his or her inner creative vision.

‘The Art of Friendship’ event on June 3rd, 2018. 3:00 – 5:00pm at the Jewish Children’s Museum, will feature a full gallery of these creative pieces. Open to the public and child friendly, the annual event brings the community together in celebrating the abilities and talents of all children and young adults.

The “Bentcher Collection” and all original artwork will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.

Artwork Photography: Nachman Blizinsky Design: P-Graphics Printing: Empire Press