Dedication of the Friendship Circle Brooklyn dance studio in memory of Chaya (Keller) Kirsh ע”ה, beloved by her family, friends and all those who knew her.

We honor Chaya who devoted her life to care for and enhance the lives of adults with special needs in our community. Chaya loved spending time with Friendship Circle members and volunteered on an ongoing basis, primarily with Friendship Circle YAD girls.
Chaya worked as a care provider at Hamaspik, going above and beyond for the many girls in her care. Chaya truly loved the Sunday program, most notedly the dancing and music programs. Her love for Friendship Circle pushed her to run numerous marathons. Chaya recruited friends to sign up and recently registered for the NYC 2023 marathon in hopes of a complete recovery.
Even in her last weeks of life, Chaya remained in contact with Friendship Circle staff sending messages with ideas and ways to improve the programs. We cannot think of a better cause to honor and remember Chaya. Dedicating this space will surely ensure her legacy of bringing joy and happiness to all those around her.
Our hopes and wishes for good health and happiness, as we eagerly pray for the imminent arrival of Moshiach so we can be rejoined with our loved ones.
Graduation Class of 2006


חי’ מושקא בת יהודה ע”ה קירש


Goal: $10,000

Amount Raised to date: $4,517.18

Updated 10/10/2023 11:09 am

$18.00 Batia Avtzon

$50.00 Tehila Ohayon

$54.00 Miriam Levy-Haim

$54.00 Mushka Zaklos

$360.00 Chiena Avtzon

$500.00 Chaya Herz

$54.00 Sara Butman

$54.00 Musie Kesselman

$54.00 Mushky Tuvel

$72.00 Mushkie Wolf

$54.00 Mushky Lifshitz-Flint

$36.00 Rochel Ginsburg

$54.00 Mushkie Uliel

$54.00 Kiki Baitelman

$54.00 Chaya Freedman

$54.00 Rivky Gurevitz

$100.00 Mushki Kaplan

$54.00 Mushki Gellman

$36.00 Kayza Zajac

$54.00 Musie Blecher

$6.18 Menucha Ezagui

$36.00 Chaya Ezagui

$18.00 Dini Goldberg

$54.00 Miriam Taylor

$54.00 Chaya Katz

$72.00 Musie Liberow

$26.00 Devorah Kotlarsky

$18.00 Devora Lein

$101.00 Mushky Stambler

$54.00 Cheyenna Hershkop

$54.00 Mussie Biggs

$36.00 Messody Schapiro

$50.00 Chaya Goldin

$100.00 Mushka Rubin

$180.00 Esther Zarchi

$54.00 Malka Scheiner

$54.00 Rachel Gold

$180.00 Chana Grifkin

$54.o0 Chaya Morozow

$54.00 Perel Pruss

$36.00 Chaya Klyne

$18.00 Masha Goldshmid

$54.oo Mushky Stock

$54.00 Devorah Levin

$18.00 Shainy B.

$54.00 Sora Rubenstein

$5.00 A Z

$54.00 Esther Maness

$18.00 Chaya Raskin

$180.00 Shaina Fine

$54.00 Mushka Karp

$36.00 Mussie Schtroks

$54.00 Chaya Hecht

$72.00 Mushky Raskin

$54.00 Cheyenna Hershkop

$5.00 Menucha Ezagui

$18.00 Aidel Ezagui

$54.00 Messody Schapiro

$18.00 Chana Raizel Friedman

$54.00 Miriam Pinsky

$36.00 Elka Ezagui

$54.00 Sara Blau-Kravitsky

$36.00 Chaya Shpigelman

$54.00 Chaya Weingarten

$100.00 Dena Blecher

$54.00 Rochel Telsner

$54.00 Mussie Bronstein

$54.00 Miriam Levy-Haim

$18.00 Aidel Ezagui

$54.00 Mushki Gellman

$18.00 Esther Pearl Kreiman

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