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We are so excited to announce the launch of focused support groups for our FC mothers! Our wish is that these groups will provide further support and facilitate networking between mothers, as well as giving our mothers a well deserved night out each month.

We will be dividing all our Moms into 4 groups. Each group will meet on rotation; with one group being hosted each Monday night at 8pm at the FC Space on ENY Ave.

Please complete this quick questionnaire so we know which group you would feel most comfortable in:

1) Down Syndrome 2) Autism 3) Overall Developmentally Delayed, Genetic and / or medical condition 4) Physically limited yet great cognition

We are extremely grateful to Hamaspik for working with us to create these groups.

The Details:

Date: Tuesday, February 2nd (20 Shvat)
Time: 8:00 PM

Tuesday February 2nd 2021

8:00 PM