A Meaningful Purim with Friendship Circle of Brooklyn

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The night before Purim Rabbi Berel Majesky made a call to a local residence we had just heard about, housing adults with special needs. “Can I lein Megilla for the residents?” After a joyous Megilla reading and break-fast at Heichal Habaal Shem Tov (the Friendship Circle shul), Berel made his way over to this residence, Megilla in hand.

From the moment he walked in, it was clear that this might be the first time these residents have heard Megilla in many years – if at all!

With every bang for Haman and recitation of the Pesukim, “Layehudim Haysa Ora…” What a moving experience for everyone in the room.


On Purim day, FC families experienced Purim in the Shtetl!

Children had the opportunity to pet baby chicks, enjoyed listening to a klezmer band playing upbeat tunes, made their own pickles, butter, orange juice, and babka! After hearing Megillah, children were handed instruments, and the klezmer band taught everyone how to play a few Purim songs.


The highlight of everyone’s Purim is undoubtedly Friendship Circle’s Uplift Shalach Manos initiative. A total of 73 local, mainstream elementary-aged kids visited FC members to deliver Shalach Manos on Purim day! The bright smiles in fun costumes tell it all. One mother described her emotions as she watched her son drop off Shalach Manos:

“Thank you so much for this opportunity! My kids were paired up through the Purim Uplift Program, and they were so inspired by the Mitzvah. I’ll have to admit that I cried as my kids dropped off the Shalach Manos…”


Thank you to all the Friendship Circle Brooklyn staff for all their hard work making these programs happen!