A Mother’s Thoughts About Her Daughter

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Siblings of children with special needs now have their own support groups providing friendship, support and validation.

By a mother who feels passionately about supporting her daughter and wants every teen to experience this life changing group for herself.

Imagine being a high school girl, sitting in a test you’ve prepared for, when a sudden headache strikes. You know exactly what caused it – the loud device switched to maximum volume that your special sibling uses, which kept you awake most of the night. This is not something new or unusual but in anticipation of the looming test, the lack of sleep was coming to haunt you. Would anyone understand?

Or picture this: You’re excited to meet up with friends to go out to eat after school. As you’re about to leave the house, you overhear your mothers disappointing conversation. Your mother looks at you and says “Maria (the caretaker) just cancelled. How am I going to manage doing supper and homework with noone to help feed and care for Boruch?

You know that if you stay back, the dilemma would be resolved. But these things happen too often and why at my expense? If I stay, I feel resentful. If I go, the guilt is all encompassing. Can anyone relate?

A 15 year old girl grapples with the question WHY? Why was her family chosen for this life? Maybe her parents are managing but has anyone ever asked her how SHE is coping? Is it ok to admit that she is sometimes ’embarrassed’ or uncomfortable with it all? Does anyone realize the sacrifices that she makes?


The Friendship Circle of Brooklyns Teen Support Group is the solution. Catering to in town High Schoolers as well as numerous Shluchos ‘sibs’, these teens now have a safe space to share and laugh together with others who ‘get it’. Whilst most of these teens entered the group wondering what they were doing or how they could benefit, none of them left with the same questions.

Led by Rochel Karp and Cham Cham Reichman (an adult sibling), the teens have the opportunity to articulate their feelings, receive validation and have a shoulder to lean on. The meetings happen once a month and there is always a delicious buffet and activity too.

After two years of monthly meetings and a strong sense of sisterhood, the girls were treated to an amazing, uplifting and invigorating Shabbaton in the Catskills. Every detail of this weekend was designed to uplift the girls spiritually, emotionally and to make them feel seen! They were treated to delicious home made food, trips and customized amenities. Everyone felt special, pampered and loved!

This Teen support group is continuing next school year, if you are a teen sibling of a special needs child – you will be welcomed with open arms. You won’t regret it!

Friendship Circle of Brooklyn offers FOUR different sibling support groups. Led by various facilitators, they have become a place for shared understanding and support between the participants.