A Special Time For Siblings

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New for this year, the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn held the Sib’s Circle kickoff event. At Sibs Circle, siblings of children with special needs get together for their own special time.

Following a day in school, over 20 girls ages 7 to 12 gathered together in the Jewish Children’s Museum for facilitator led games, baking, and to connect with other siblings.

The girls were treated to fresh hot waffles topped with heavenly ice cream with a variety of toppings, and a engaging icebreaker was played with an ice block to begin the program.

The girls then shaped and braided challah while lively music played in the background. Followed by an exciting selfie hunt, where the girls raced to take selfies with all the required objects and individuals.

It was amazing and it was all around smiles and laughter for everyone.

The Sibs Circle will hold a number of special programs, geared for the siblings of children with special needs throughout the year. A separate program program for boys is organized by Yossi Smoller, director of the FC Boys Division. Special thanks to Hinda Rapapport who arranged and assisted with this event.

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