An exciting new Zumba class in Crown Heights will be geared for young women with special needs.

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This winter, the long Motzei Shabbosim will no longer be a drag for young ladies with special needs in Brooklyn. For the first time ever, the Teens & Twenties division of the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn will be hosting weekly Zumba classes geared specifically for these young woman.

Hosted at the Jewish Children’s Museum, the program will include a Zumba dance class – to Jewish Music, and a second hands on activity.

A female medic will be on hand to oversee the exercise and each girl will be matched with a volunteer who will encourage and assist them at all times.

Starting on Motzei Shabbos Parshas Vayeitzei, November 9, running through Jan 11.

For more info, to register or volunteer please contact the FC office: – 718.907.8835 Space is limited, so hurry!