Art Show Gala to Display Ceramics

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This year’s Friendship Circle’s Art Show Gala will feature both art and ceramic pieces created by children with special needs.

Coming off of last year’s tremendously successful “Gallery and Gala”, the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn, under the direction of Rabbi Berel and Chani Majesky, is partnering once again with the Bear Givers Foundation and looking forward to host the Art of Friendship.

Nearly one year ago, the community came out in droves in support of the organization and children with special needs. The benefits of this event are twofold, offering the children with special needs the opportunity to shine, giving them the chance to be the spotlight, showing off their creativity and talent.

The event also gives the children a sense of pride, as they are excited to have their pieces sold with all proceeds going directly to a cause that they want to see grow and expand. The feeling of ‘giving back’ to an organization that is constantly by their side gives them great satisfaction.

New to this year, The Art of Friendship will be featuring a collection of ceramic pieces made by the girls of the young adult division of the Friendship Circle under the guidance of Rena Kesten.

Rena studied packaging design and worked in consumer packaging. After her daughter, Adeena was diagnosed with autism, art seemed to be a natural way to engage and spend quality time with her. It was obvious that Adeena became much more focused and related when she was involved in artistic projects. Adeena began to take ceramic lessons with Tami Fire. Together Tami and Rena realized that ceramics is a tactile way to create items that could actually be used, an empowering concept to individuals with special needs. The two began to teach ceramics to kids and young adults with special needs.

The classes included hands on, personal instruction in a friendly and nurturing environment. Through the art of clay, the girls had a great time while being creative and learning patience and concentration. The Friendship Circle feels honored and deeply appreciates the artists joining and giving of their time and expertise to this great project.

The masterpieces created are part of the larger collection of artwork to be displayed in a gallery honoring the talents and creative edge of children with special needs in our community.

The Friendship Circle will be selling these pieces at ‘The Art of Friendship’ event on June 19, 2016.

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