Bochurim Celebrate a Year of Volunteering

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To cap off a year of amazing programs at Friendship Circle, FC treated the Boys Division volunteers to a delicious end-of-year barbecue.

The barbecue recognized the dedication of the volunteers who, each week, use an hour of their dinner break to visit boys with special needs in their homes, as well as attend Friendship Circle programs, no matter what else is going on.

“The impact of your weekly visits extends far beyond the one hour or the child you visit; it has a ripple effect and impacts the entire family,” said Rabbi Ari Kisrchenbaum, a Friendship Circle parent. “All I can say is thank you!”

The bochurim took turns speaking about what their experience at Friendship Circle meant to them and how much they loved volunteering.

Yanky B shared, “When I initially signed up to volunteer for Friendship Circle, it was with the intention of helping a child with special needs. Little did I know how much he [our FC buddy] would do for me. What you get out of the whole experience is the same, if not more, than what you give. It has truly helped me this year in Yeshiva and will help me for years to come.”

Ari R. reflected, “After a full year of getting to know L.H. [our FC buddy], it was incredible to see his love and appreciation for those around him, as well as his devotion to the Rebbe. And on a personal level, I know 100% that volunteering for Friendship Circle has made ME a better ME.”

Thank you to the Boys Division directors, Tzvi Gewirtz and Noach Zeiler, for arranging the event.