Boys and Mothers Volunteer to Bring Purim Joy

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It’s shortly before Purim and the frenzy has begun. Kids are perfecting their costumes and mothers are stressing about how they will get everything done on time…

But one group of boys and their mothers are carving out time on a busy school night to do for others.

About 30 boys and their mothers from United Lubavitcher Yeshiva Ocean Parkway are getting together to pack farm-themed mishloach manos for the upcoming Friendship Circle Purim party.

They are working diligently to personalize each bag, making a small art project to include as well.

There is sushi and cheesecake for the mothers and hot cocoa and cookies for the boys, but that’s not all that is making them smile. They are internalizing that there is no greater joy than bringing joy to another yid.

One boy commented on his way out, “Ma, I never knew doing a mitzvah could be so much fun!”

As one mother said, “we wouldn’t miss this for anything.”

Mrs. Chani Majesky, Director of the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn, expressed her appreciation for the school’s efforts.

“It is wonderful to see the growth and change that is happening in our community,” Majesky said. “Parents are not just talking about kindness and acceptance but are being proactive about finding tangible ways to instill these crucial traits in their children! We are thankful to the wonderful PTA of ULYOP for reaching out to us and offering to pack Shalach Manos for our special children and their siblings.”

“Teaching our kids to think of another person before themselves is not a lesson easily learned from a Sefer or textbook. Making sure every kid in our community has a fun, joyful Purim is the best preparation for Purim!” organizers from the school PTA said.