Boys Create Mosaics with Muchnik

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Ahead of their upcoming Art Show, boys of the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn participated in a Mosiac Workshop with renowned Chassidic artist Michoel Muchnik.

At the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn, the boys of the young adult division were privileged to once again participate in a Mosiac Workshop with renowned Chassidic artist Michoel Muchnik, in preparation for the ‘Art of Friendship’ gallery and exhibition.

Michoel guided the budding artists in creating masterpieces of their own.

“This is now the third year that we had the unique opportunity to host Reb Michoel,” said Rabbi Berel Majesky who together with his wife Chani, direct the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn. “Watching him teach the boys is amazing, coaching and really bringing out the artistic talent within each of our young men.”

Changing things up a bit, the young artists matched artistically transformed matting to various embellishments and materials such as tiles, stones, assorted papers and glue, into beautiful mixed media art pieces. Working with a theme of “Jewish artifacts” the young artists produced some iconic pictures, promising to add much vibrancy and color to any room or den.

“It was a tremendous and rewarding experience and I am grateful to have been a part of this program,” Muchnik said. “Watching the young men’s minds and creativity at work was once again, an inspiration.”

The Friendship Circle thanks Michoel Muchnik and his staff for their time and assistance with this program.

The Friendship Circle will be selling these pieces at ‘The Art of Friendship’ event on June 19, 2016. For more information or sponsorship opportunities, please contact or visit

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