Capturing the Perfect Image

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Photographer Chaim Perl led an art workshop for boys of the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn, who each created visual masterpieces of their own.

Chaim Perl stepped out from behind his camera lenses and entered the world of the Friendship Circle, as he guided the budding artists in capturing shots of their own.

“This is the first year that we have the unique opportunity to have Chaim work with us for this event,” said Rabbi Berel Majesky, who together with his wife Chani directs the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn. “Watching him teach the boys is amazing, coaching while affording each of the guys the opportunity to bring out their own artistic skills.”

Changing things up a bit and under the direction of Ms. Goldie Gross, the young artists each created their own “photo sets” using many objects lent to the Friendship Circle from Judaica World and others. Working with a theme of “Jewish Holidays and artifacts,” the artists produced some iconic portraits, spotlighting themes including Shabbos, High Holidays, an Upersherin and giving Tzedaka.

“It was a tremendous and rewarding experience and I am grateful to have been a part of this program,” Perl said. “Watching the young men’s minds and creativity at work was once again inspiring.”

The Friendship Circle would like to thank Chaim Perl for not just leading this workshop, but putting his soul into it.

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