FC Volunteers Shown Appreciation

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170 girls and their proud mothers came together at the JCM last week to salute the work and dedication of the volunteers this past year. The guests were welcomed with a delicious Salad and Pasta bar, beautifully set up by CG Events, and the opportunity to ‘celebrate friendship’ by sending a sweet postcard to a friend of their choice. The program began with a kapital of tehillim being recited for a speedy and complete refuah for fellow volunteer, Leah bas Nechama Dina, followed by a ‘Perspectives’ presentation, where five speakers shared their point of view on the Friendship Circle. Each introduced with a video presentation the speakers, Mrs. Chani Majesky (Director), Chayale Chaddad (FC member), Mrs. Toby Richler (proud partner), Mrs. Mushkie Silberberg (mother of a volunteer) and Tehila Leverton (volunteer), inspired the crowd on the importance of the Friendship Circle’s mission, and how each girls volunteering is not just a tremendous gift to our community, but a vital and important part of it. The program was wrapped up with volunteer coordinator Esther Rimler thanking the mothers for allowing their girls to pay visits to these special children each week, even if help was needed in their own homes during that time. A special thank you was made to school presidents Lulu Feldman, Riki Rimler, Sara Kugel, Miriam Hazan and Sara Osdoba for their devotion to Friendship Circle. As a token of appreciation the school presidents were each presented with a personalized gift, and each volunteer who had dedicated the past 10 months to a child or young adult with special needs, received a cozy blanket thanking them for their tireless contributions to the Friendship Circle and its families. An iPad, sponsored by Mr Eli Weinstock will be raffled off to one lucky winner who continues her weekly visits until the end of the school year. Thank you to Esther Rimler for arranging Mushki Tenenbaum for assisting with this event.

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