FC Boys Farbreng for Tu Bshvat

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On the day after Tu B’shvat, the Boys Division of Friendship Circle gathered at the JCM for an inspiring Farbrengen. The boys participated in various activities that represented the many special days that occur in the special month of Shvat.

The boys built colorful candy trees to celebrate Tu B’shvat with ice cream cones, chocolate, popcorn, and green frosting. In honor of Yud Shvat, everyone seeded grass gardens, alluding the Basi L’Gani Maamer, and colored in special thank-you cards to the Rebbe. Some boys chose to make extra thank-you notes for the dedicated volunteers. The boys were also able to create bright sand art in honor of the upcoming month of Adar.

As the boys sat down to a delicious Fleishig dinner, they sang niggunim with their arms around eachother. Everyone listened intently as special guest, Rabbi Simcha Raskin, told stories about the Frierdiker Rebbe’s Mesiras Nefesh for Ahavas Yisroel. Rabbi Raskin made each story more and more exciting as he used a different voice for each character, and even brought some props to bring the story alive! As the evening came to a close, more niggunim were sung, and everyone left feeling energized and ready continue doing more Mitzvos with Chayus! Thank you to Mendel Weiss for arranging the Farbrengen.

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