FC Boys Volunteers Kicks Off Year

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Last Monday, Yeshiva students in Crown Heights gathered at the Jewish Children’s Museum for Friendship Circle Brooklyn’s Annual Volunteer Kickoff.

“This year, we are so fortunate to have a large representation of our own local Crown Heights Bochurim volunteering, in addition to the Bochurim who have come from out of town and are learning at local Yeshivos,” said Rabbi Berel Majesky, Director of the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn.

The Friendship Circle gives these Bochurim an opportunity to befriend and visit children and young adults with special needs in the comfort of their own homes. Additionally, the Bochurim can learn in their Yeshivos with their special friends Chavrusa-style and volunteer at a slew of programs and activities that are planned for the coming year.

After eating delicious subs from the sandwich bar, the Bochurim gathered in the theater. In the theater, the Bochurim watched an informative slideshow presentation about all the Friendship Circle programs at which they have the opportunity to volunteer.

Mendel Weiss, Friendship Circle’s Boys Division Coordinator, spoke to the Bochurim about the perks of being a volunteer – about the FC Gear and outings they can earn for their dedication. However, all physical benefits aside, Weiss emphasized that the greatest gift of all is what the members of Friendship Circle have to offer. He pointed out that the Bochurim have an unbelievable opportunity to learn from and spend time with such amazing individuals. Weiss then thanked the Bochurim for dedicating their time to make a difference in our community.

As the evening came to a close, Rabbi Berel Majesky spoke about how important it is that each volunteer be dedicated and consistent. Rabbi Majesky then thanked the volunteers for taking upon themselves this unique Shlichus, describing to the Bochurim how visiting a special friend’s home becomes a special bond and friendship that is priceless and will last a lifetime.

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