FC Brooklyn Joins For Farbrengen

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The boys division of the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn got together to celebrate the auspicious month of Kislev with a Farbrengen and pre-Chanukah Party.

The program opened with a two part craft: assembling edible marshmallow dreidels, followed by trying their hands at decorating them with assorted colors of icing sugar.

A delicious pizza dinner was served, and the guys sat down for some inspirational words delivered by Rabbi Shmuel Benjamin. In his own unique way, who told over a story of the Rebbe, encouraging the boys to increase their Hiskashrus, each in their own unique way.

After a few ‘Kislev themed’ fun games, the program concluded with the group singing Pada B’shalom, which was followed by a repertoire of joyful songs and heartfelt dancing.

Special thanks is due to Mendel Weiss, coordinator of the Boys Division for organizing the event, and to the Bochurim, who on a weekly basis dedicate their dinner break to our children.

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