FC Moms Celebrate with Garden Party

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Raising a child takes a lot of work: making sure they receive the right education, make good friends, feeding them, and clothing them… it’s a lot. Now add a diagnosis to the mix; it is a full time job. So, as the year comes to an end, celebrating our Friendship Circle mothers is a must. The opportunity to connect, relax, enjoy and network is of paramount importance.

Joining together were 70 Friendship Circle mothers from across Brooklyn, of all ages. For some it was their first time at a Friendship Circle moms’ event, for others, this was their stomping ground. The energy was one of acceptance and warmth.

Set in a beautiful outdoor space, mothers were greeted with a buffet of meat tasters and treats; an array of drinks and comfortable couches. Mrs Sylvia Fallas then took to the stage with a summer themed cooking demo. From delicious burgers and toppings, to mocktails and salads – each mother got to enjoy a sampling of Sylvia’s recipes while enjoying her entertaining demo.

Each mother left with a curated recipe booklet, Boozery treats and a warm feeling of relaxation and belonging.