FC Young Adults Learn Photography

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Leading photographer Chana Blumes gave a hands on workshop for young adults with special needs in preparation for the Friendship Circle’s annual Art of Friendship “Gallery and Gala” event.

Coming off of last year’s tremendously successful “Gallery and Gala”, the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn, under the direction of Rabbi Berel and Chani Majesky, is partnering once again with the Bear Givers Foundation and looking forward to host the Art of Friendship.

Nearly one year ago, the community came out in droves in support of the organization and children with special needs. The benefits of this event are twofold, offering the children with special needs the opportunity to shine, giving them the chance to be the spotlight, showing off their creativity and talent.

In the spirit of keeping things fresh and exciting, the gallery will feature masterpieces of two new art mediums, including photography and screen-printing. Kicking off the season, a group of Friendship Circle girls had the unique opportunity to create floral bouquets with Chani and Fraidel of Mimulo followed by a hands on lesson with photographer Chana Blumes on how to capture the perfect shot of their beautifully floral arrangements.

Chana, a leading photographer in the Crown Heights community and beyond, specializing in wedding and events conducted a workshop for over 20 participants. The girls took to creating their stunning bouquets and capturing its beauty with vigor and excitement; and their works of art are astonishingly beautiful.

“This unique art-form will add a tremendous amount of vibrancy and colorful expressiveness to our gallery floor, and we are grateful to have had this opportunity,” said Mrs. Chani Majesky. “The beautiful results speak for themselves.”

The Friendship Circle feels honored and deeply appreciates Chana Blumes joining and giving of her time and expertise to this great project.

The masterpieces created are part of the larger collection of artwork to be displayed in a gallery honoring the talents and creative edge of children with special needs in our community.

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