FCBK Celebrates Yud Shvat

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Some young adults with special needs don’t have as many opportunities where they can feel like they are “one of the Bochurim,” as they attend schools or dayhabs outside of the community. When it comes to celebrating Chassidishe Yomim Tovim, the Friendship Circle ensures that all of its members feel like “one of the guys” and are able to partake in Minyanim, learning programs and Farbrengens.

On Yud Shvat, a grand Farbrengen was held for the FC Boys Division.  Boys with special needs and volunteers gathered to socialize, farbreng, and enjoy a delicious fleishig Seudah.  Rabbi Nuttie Shpigelman shared some inspiring stories about Yud Shvat and the Rebbe.

The boys created Yud Shvat themed crafts, and played a silly game of celebrity heads. The evening ended as everyone put their arms around each other, singing soulful niggunim together.  Thank you to Boys’ Division director Tzvi Gewirtz and the incredible volunteers for making this event possible!