Friendship Circle Brooklyn Volunteers Thanked at Garden Party

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Friendship Circle Brooklyn celebrated another full year of volunteering with a grand Appreciation Garden Party for their girls division.

The setting was perfect. A large and airy outdoor space, beautiful weather, and themed garden-party buffet replete with a scone bar, a special run of Boozery non alcoholic ice cream and other assorted refreshments.

Mrs Chani Majesky, FC Director, began the evening by thanking each volunteer for dedicating their precious time and making a difference in the community. She stressed that the ability to display kindness to another is actually a gift from G-d and how evident it is that all of our teen volunteers were blessed with this gift. On behalf of all the volunteer mothers, Mrs.Devorie Raitport, shared with the girls the impact volunteering has not just on their buddy, but on oneself as well and the growth that she has seen from each of her daughters’ involvement.

It was then that the volunteers themselves took the stage! Volunteers, Sara Rivkah Hecht & Goldie Rosenberg shared their personal experiences, and how they developed a true friendship with their buddy. Volunteer, Hindy Rubashkin, shared a powerful message with the crowd.

When we look at someone as flawed, and in need of fixing there is no way we can have a real connection with them” she said. “We need to realize that Hashem made everyone perfect – perfect for who they are meant to be! It’s our responsibility to love them for who they are and in the way they are created.”

Her deep words resonated deeply with the 100+ Friendship Circle volunteers.

Volunteer coordinator Sarah Hodakov stressed recognizing the Hashgacha that happens every year. How Hashem carefully chooses each of the volunteers and places them into the lives of their buddies and their families. The joy that they bring to the household is orchestrated from above. Each of them bringing what no one else can bring.

As the evening came to an end, the girls excitedly launched a balloon lift off. Each balloon was equipped with a light inside, representative of the light each volunteer had shared with the world. As the School Presidents read out each of the volunteers names, the volunteer lifted her balloon into the sky, adding even more light into the world.

Special thank you to this year’s school presidents: Bryna Rimler, Sarale Aber, Liba Raitport, Hadas Popack and Shaina Rivkin for bringing a tremendous energy to our girls division this year.