Friendship Circle Brooklyn Welcomes Volunteers at Events

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“Have affection for a fellow-Jew and G‑d will have affection for you; do a kindness for a fellow-Jew and G‑d will do a kindness for you; befriend a fellow-Jew and G‑d will befriend you.”

Two separate events were held for Friendship Circle of Brooklyn volunteers. The largest number of weekly teen volunteers that have signed up for the Friends at Home program; visiting children and adults with special needs throughout the community; totalling a whopping 250 volunteers this year.

Messages of appreciation were shared by Friendship Circle moms whose children participate in this program. Directors Rabbi Berel and Chani Majesky shared how important the work of the volunteers is and how deeply impactful it is on the families, and on the volunteers themselves.
Thank you Rochel Karp (girls division) and Yossi Meyer (boys division) for their hard work putting these programs together.