Friendship Circle Hosts First Pre-Purim Carnival

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A week before Purim, Friendship Circle of Brooklyn held their first ever Pre-Purim Carnival for their F@H participants, led by an amazing team of dedicated volunteers and high school presidents. As the volunteers entered with their friends, they were greeted with warm smiles and directed towards the many activities set up around the room.

The children were able to decorate their own special Purim masks, dress up for a photo booth, get their faces painted, play a “Knock the Haman down” game, try their luck in a beanbag toss, and much, much more! The children then gathered in the middle of the room to welcome special guest Zeesy Gurevitch from ZAPPYbyZeesy. Everyone followed along as Zeesy taught some fun Purim dance moves and brought out a parachute! It was so much fun. The sensory room was also open for the children to play in.

The carnival was the perfect thing to get everyone into the Purim spirit! It was truly special seeing the smiles on everyones faces as they enjoyed this program together.

Thank you to Mushki Tenenbaum and Hinda Kugel for organizing.

Photos by Michael Mason Photo Booth by Brandon Luckain

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