Friendship Circle Kicks Off Year’s Programs

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Many Crown Heights high school students gathered for Friendship Circle of Brooklyn’s Annual Volunteer Kickoff.

The girls were treated to a delectable, “dirty” fries bar with array of toppings and condiments. Rochel Karp, the volunteer coordinator, introduced the theme of the evening: Vision 2020.

As humans, we are very quick to pass judgment based on appearance and ability. We may judge our friends, neighbors, family members, and/or teachers. At the Friendship Circle, we are trying to change this perspective, and encourage everyone to look beyond and see the person for who they truly are. The girls then enjoyed round table discussions led by FC Alumni. From the chatter in the room, it was obvious that the girls truly invested themselves in the workshop, asking questions, and gaining new ideas from their peers. Throughout the evening, the girls noticed how their own perspectives were changing and growing.

After the engaging workshop, a creative “Reverse Poem” was exhibited in video form, highlighting the perspectives of a teen volunteer, a mom of a child with special needs, and an individual with special needs. The presentation emphasized the great impact that Friendship Circle has in their lives.

After the presentation, Rochel Karp reviewed Friendship Circle’s policies and guidelines for the various programs. Mrs. Chani Majesky, director of Friendship Circle Brooklyn, addressed the volunteers how the Rebbe’s vision guides us today at looking at individuals for who they truly are and how much people appreciate when we connect and reach out to them.

As the evening ended, Rochel introduced this year’s School Presidents: Devorah Leah Lipchik, Jenna Grossman, Risa Raskin, Rosie Brown, Sheina Chayo, Sheva Bronstein, and Yehudis Goldshmid.

Special thanks to Rochel Karp and Lulu Feldman for coordinating this event.

Photos by Andrew Gonzalez