Friendship Circle Launches Annual Toy Drive

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As our FC community grows each year, the number of toys distributed does too. Last year, Friendship Circle gave out almost 500 brand new toys. Each one accepted with much love and excitement. As Chanukah comes around, the Friendship Circle once again turns to its many friends and supporters, to put a smile on a child’s face. Distributed at the Family Chanukah party, each gift is individually wrapped and personalized for each child with special needs and their siblings.

We have made it so quick and easy for you to take part:

Everyone’s favorite AMAZON, makes it quick and easy to purchase a gift from our wish list and have it sent directly to our office (don’t forget to include your name). You can find our wish list at

OR use this opportunity to spark a conversation with your children about giving. Take them to a toy store and then have them bring the toy to school and place it in one of the Drop Off Boxes in their school office. Or choose a gift/s from our wish list with them.

Every child that sends in a gift (with their name) will receive a beautiful certificate, thanking them for their contribution.

All toys must be new and in original packaging.

The Friendship Circle Toy Drive was dedicated in honor of יששכר בן רויזא ראשע.