Friendship Circle Open Mic Night

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Boys of the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn danced away at an open mic night in celebrating the joyous month of Adar II.

The YAD – Boys of the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn, which includes boys ages 9 and up, and their buddies from local Yeshivas, gathered at the Jewish Children’s Museum for a very special dancing and open mic night in celebrating Rosh Chodesh Adar II.

The program began with an intimate performance with singer/songwriter Yossi Stern, whose music got all the boys up on their feet, culminating with the rendition of his signature “Hummus” song.

The ‘open mic’ offered the young men an opportunity to shine, share laughs and impress the audience with their talents. The guys all went home feeling uplifted and in great spirits, ready for the most joyous month of Adar.

Special thanks to Yossi Smoller, coordinator of the Boys Division for organizing this amazing event.

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