Friendship Circle Puts on Recital

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A winter Motzei Shabbos may seem to drag on and on, but for a group of young woman with special needs, it never seemed long enough.

The Friendship Circle of Brooklyn’s Young Adult Division (Girls) recently completed a 9 week ZUMBA fitness workshop. Under the direction of Mushki Tenenbaum and Zumba instructor Numi Perla, 40 girls got together every Saturday evening for sixty minutes of ‘non-stop’ dance and exercise.

The final weekend culminated with a recital and Melava Malka for all mothers. As the program began, the girls performed rehearsed songs and dances, followed by each girl taking the lead and free-styling, having the rest of the group and moms which by then joined in on the fun – follow their lead.

Gifts were then given to the volunteers and coordinators, followed by inspirational words from Friendship Circle Director, Rabbi Berel Majesky, who mentioned the Hashgacha Pratis that the event was taking place on the Yahrtzeit of the Alter Rebbe, whose famously wrote in chapter 32 of Tanya, that although we may look or act differently, we are truly the same, for he but one father in heaven.

Watching the girls in action, some of whom never get the opportunity to take the stage, never mind perform, was truly a moving and exciting sight to behold.

Decor: Mushki Tenenbaum

Photos: Jakub Redziniak

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