Friendship Circle Thanks Crown Heights for Joyful Inclusive Purim

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Dear Crown Heights community,


Purim at Friendship Circle is always a fun celebration, with silly costumes, exciting entertainment, and of course, delicious themed food. Every year, we make sure our families have a joyous Purim, and this year was no different. What made this year special was YOUR involvement.

Our beloved Crown Heights community truly stepped up to make our FC children feel welcomed and included in their Purim festivities. We would like to extend our utmost appreciation to all of you in our community who went above and beyond to make this Purim a truly memorable one for our families.

After Megillah reading at the Friendship Circle Minyan on Thursday night, one generous community member led our young men in an upbeat Purim dance party! With some rockin’ songs and his guitar, he got the men pulling out their favorite moves.

On the morning of our Under the Sea themed Purim party, when our teens are usually tired and looking to sleep in (a little), volunteers showed up in the early AM to help set up for our grand Purim Party. They even stayed on to run the activity tables and add to the atmosphere.

One community member dropped off Shalach Manos for our Friends at Home volunteers to deliver to their buddies; while another family in our community helped pack Shalach Manos for every child in attendance!

Bochurim from the local Crown Heights schools offered to visit families who were homebound and read the Megillah for them.

Our Uplift Program has been running for six years now; this year we saw more children from our local elementary schools than ever before register for this program! We match children from local schools to deliver Shalach Manos to children of the same age with special needs on Purim day. Despite the fact that it was Erev Shabbos and the day was so full and busy, these young girls and boys made sure to make time to visit these special children and bring smiles and joy. It was a win win for everyone involved, adding inspiration and meaning to the Yom Tov; a truly Uplifting experience for everyone involved.

It is thanks to beloved community members like you who got involved in this year’s Purim festivities that make Crown Heights truly feel like OUR community.

Thank you to our volunteers, Tobey Karpel, the Korolitzky family, Yossi Langsam, Sholly Weiser, Zalmy Ceitlin, Shmuly Lieberman, Devora Bukiet of Belle Events, and the 61 children and their parents who took part in the Uplift program. Thank you to the FC office staff.


–Rabbi and Mrs. Berel and Chani Majesky

Photos by B.A. Van Sise