Friendship Circle’s Sukkos Gift Package

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At Friendship Circle of Brooklyn, our minds are always whirling with new and innovative ideas to bring joy, love and support to our families. This year is unlike any other; many of the schools that the special children attend have already been closed, and parents (and siblings!) are back to ensuring their children are well taken care of. So friendship circle teamed up with various brands to curate a beautiful Sukkos package with something for everyone in the family!

The package included:

A tichel for the hardworking mom, FC’s monthly SibClix magazine (a unique magazine for siblings of children with special needs), a plush Torah to dance with on Simchas Torah, Rebbe’s Choice Herring and crackers for some farbeisin, a Build-your-own-Sukkah food craft for the kids, and wine for Kiddush and L’Chaim!

The packages really hit the spot, as was evidenced by the immense feedback that was received. One mom commented that “we just got the Yom tov package. You have no idea how happy you made me! I’m dealing with a lot of stuff and it came at the perfect time. It really, really, made a difference to our approaching Yom Tov in a happy way.” Another FC parent reached out as her children built a giant edible Sukkah, “My kids absolutely loved the Sukkah food art, and I love the tichel! Thank you for bringing extra Simcha to our Yom Tov.”

Thank you to all the volunteers – children, men and women who drove/walked all the packages to every family across Crown Heights.

Friendship Circle hosted a number of events and Minyanim over Sukkos for the FC community, culminating in the annual FC Hakafos.