Kettle and Cord Readies for Tishrei

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Tishrei is a busy time for everyone, so Kettle & Cord has planned an array of exciting in-store offerings to help people during the Yom Tov season.

YAD Girls of Friendship Circle of Brookyn teamed up with Art Cafe and Kettle and Cord to paint unique and one-of-a-kind honey dishes for Rosh Hashana! The girls of Friendship Circle spent an evening the Art Cafe, designing their pottery.  After the dishes were painted, they were glazed and fired in a kiln.  Check out the photos to see how beautiful each one turned out to be!  Once the dishes were ready to go, they were put on display at Kettle and Cord, where they were sold to raise money for the Friendship Circle.  What a great start to the year!

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