Late-Night Shopping for Friendship Circle at 2 Kingston Avenue Shops

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Pre Pesach in Crown Heights is always a blur of activity. Especially the clothing stores, as everyone tries to get themselves, and their children, fitted for new outfits. It can take hours for every customer to be seen and assisted.

Yet, when Chani Majesky, Director of the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn, reached out to a few (exhausted) store owners and managers with an innovative idea, they didn’t pause for even a moment. Mrs. Chaya Pinson of Totally Her and Rabbi Yisroel Brashevitsky of Boytique both agreed to host a ‘late night’ shopping experience open only to the members of the Friendship Circle.

Taking a special child to a store can be overwhelming. The small space, the sheer number of people, the stares, the behaviors that aren’t understood – it can be a lot for any FC mom. The goal here? To offer a quiet and less crowded space to children and adults with special needs; giving them the attention they deserve in a warm and welcoming environment.

Moments after the message was sent out to all the FC families, multiple moms responded with heartfelt appreciation. “That is so nice! Of course you know the reasons why this is so important to us. This is so touching. I love that you guys are offering this. That is so so incredible.”

The late night shopping took place on Wednesday evening with feedback coming in strong and fast: “I’m so relieved. One HUGE thing off my to do list.” “Yisroel is out of this world with his knowledge and expertise.” “I can’t believe the experience we just had! I brought my husband along because I’m so traumatized from past shopping experiences. Boy, was this different. The staff were all so patient with my son. They had so many people there to help each of us. They found everything that I needed, the assistance was so quick – what a different experience. I’m so grateful.”

What a testament to the generous nature of those involved. They say ‘it takes a village’, and we are so grateful for the one that we have here in Crown Heights.