Menorahs Built at Home Depot

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The Friendship Circle of Brooklyn’s Menorah Building workshop at the Home Depot was filled to capacity with over 120 in attendance.

The Home Depot on Hamilton Avenue closed off their lumber section to host this event. Beautifully setup with Chanukah themed partyware, the staff and managers at store #1225 truly outdid themselves!

Upon arrival, each child received their very own set of PVC pipes and proceeded to take seats on upside down work buckets. They rolled up their sleeves and got to work creating gorgeous Menorahs out of the pipes. The children were then able to choose paint, and decorate their Menorah any color they wish.

As they waited for their Menorahs to dry, everyone enjoyed delicious Chanukah doughnuts and chocolate gelt.

The day’s success is due to the hard work and dedication of the FC volunteers, the staff, and crew of Home Depot store #1225 headed by Ms. Liz.

Photos by Ken Zammito

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