Not the Largest Menorah

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At the annual Friendship Circle Brooklyn Chanuka party, the Menorah was not the largest. The crowd though, was!

In the spirit of Hakhel, FC hosted the largest ever family Chanuka party in Brooklyn. Growing from 495 reservations last year to 667 this year, this annual event was for FC families only and went down as the largest ever Chanukah Party in FC history!

FC families enjoyed an exclusive concert featuring Lipa Schmeltzer accompanied by Choni Milecki and co. Complete with customized FCBKLN Chanukah t-shirts, step-and-repeat photo booth, and a giant DIY Menorah, every detail was thought through and organized. From massive light up balls, to a delicious buffet of Chanuka treats, it was a night of pure joy and unity amongst the families.

It’s not a Hakhel without the 12 Pesukim; parents looked on as their children with special needs were each called up by FC Director Rabbi Berel Majesky to recite the Pesukim and give Tzedaka. The Menorah was then lit by Friendship Circle’s own FC Minyan Chazzanim – Levi Harlig and Boruch Schneur Chein.

At the end of the night, every FC child and their siblings were presented with a crisp dollar bill and a personalized gift prepared from a 2 month long community wide Toy Drive, held in Zchus of Yissi Spiegel.

A huge thank-you to the dedicated FC team, staff, and volunteers headed by Rochel Karp, Ruta Cohen, Sarah Thaler, Tzvi Gewirtz, and Noach Zeiler. Thank you to all the volunteers and school presidents who brought so much positive energy to the event. Thank you to Benz’s for the Latkes, Rabbis Sholom Goldstein and Benny Wolf of Bais Rivkah, all the schools who graciously collected toys, and countless others who contributed to and volunteered their precious time and expertise to make this all happen. The toys were sponsored in part by Mr. Eli Weinstock and family, Mr. Marvin Feinstein, “Toys for Hospitalized Children,” and dozens of individual gift donations from generous community members.

Photos by Rebecca Howard and Yosef Fajnland Videos by 321 Motion