Parents Enjoy Get Together at “The Space”

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Parents of children with special needs had the opportunity to get together for a relaxing evening at Friendship Circle of Brooklyn’s Social and Sensory Space. The space, home to FCBKLN’s inclusive Shabbos Minyan, After School Clubs, and other programs, was transformed into a beautiful dinner setting.  Strung along sparkling fairy lights were framed photos of children taking part in Friendship Circle’s programs, giving a classic vintage atmosphere to the room.

As parents began to walk through the door, soft strains of classical music was heard from the string duo seated at one side of the room.  At the other end of the room was a table laden with a buffet spread and wine and drinks bar.

As everyone sat down, Rabbi Berel Majesky, director of Friendship Circle of Brooklyn, said a few words of welcome and thanked everyone for coming.  He expressed how beautiful it was to see everyone come together to relax and enjoy the evening.  Rabbi Majesky noted that these get-togethers for parents of children with special needs is not simply a night out. For parents of children with special needs, getting together with other parents in a similar situation is something entirely special and unique.  When parents are blessed with a child with special needs, they can sometimes feel incredibly alone at first.  However, meeting and speaking with others who are going through something similar can be the greatest source of strength. Rabbi Majesky then concluded by thanking everyone for coming, for by attending, the parents themselves are the ones who ensured the success of the event!

Next, mentalist Gary Ferrar took the stage.  He entertained the crowd with his witty remarks and clever mentalism, calling up many willing (and unwilling!) participants!

It was a truly magical evening, and a night to remember.

Thank you to Mushki Tenenbaum and Esther Begun for organizing the event.  Thank you to the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn Parent Committee for working hard to make everyone feel invited and welcome.

Photos by Michael Mason

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