After-School Club Will Be Inclusive

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For the first time ever, Friendship Circle of Brooklyn will be offering two after school clubs for boys and girls, starting this Tuesday.

Both sessions will foster an inclusive environment and will be open to both children with disabilities and typical children in the community.

With the majority of children with disabilities attending school out of Crown Heights, it became increasingly clear to FC Directors, Chani and Berel Majesky, that a new program that includes all children in the community needed to be created.

“Every child deserves to walk down Kingston Avenue and greet friends they recognize that are their own age,” Berel Majesky said.

“Requests were also coming in from parents of typical children that wanted their kids to be raised with a heightened sensitivity and understanding nature; mothers that want their children to become active in the Friendship Circle but were too young to participate in the programs offered until now,” he said.

Thus, after school inclusive clubs was born. The initial pilot program of Martial Arts for boys and Cooking Club for girls grades 1 – 3 will take place on five consecutive Tuesdays (Starting November 7, 2017) from 5.15 – 6.15 pm at the Jewish Children’s Museum.

Programs will have a number of volunteers on hand to ensure the environment is one of inclusion and a great social experience for all in attendance.