Show to Feature Silkscreen Art

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Children of the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn have created a colorful Aleph Bais Collection of silk screen art, to be showcased at the Art of Friendship Gallery event.

The “ooh’s” and “aaah’s” at last year’s Art of Friendship Gallery will have a new focus, the colorful “Aleph Bais Collection” created using the art of silk screening.

Under the guidance of the Friendship Circle creative team, volunteers assisted each child of the Friendship Circle in creating a beautiful a letter of the Aleph Bais with acrylic paints and silk screens.

The workshop offered each participant the opportunity to express his or her inner creative vibe while maintaining the integrity of the Aleph Bais. This unique art-form is sure to add a tremendous amount of vibrancy and imaginative expressiveness to our gallery floor and we are grateful to have had this opportunity.

The masterpieces created, are part of the larger collection of artwork to be displayed in a gallery honoring the talents and creative edge of children with special needs in our community.

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