Show to Feature Watercolor Art

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The Friendship Circle’s Art of Friendship gallery event will once again feature the craft of water-coloring by award winning artist Mrs. Estee Schneerson.

The “ooh’s” and “aaah’s” at last years Art of Friendship Gallery had a new focus, the vibrant “Explosive Watercolors” Collections. After such a reception, the Friendship Circle is once again proud to bring back the craft of water-coloring by award winning artist, Mrs.Estee Schneerson.

Mrs. Schneerson, an acclaimed artist and veteran high school art teacher, conducted her workshop with over thirty youngsters in attendance.

The children took to creating their abstract art with vigor and excitement; their works of art are astonishingly beautiful. This unique art-form will once again add a tremendous amount of vibrancy and colorful expressiveness to our gallery floor and we are grateful to have had this opportunity.

The Friendship Circle would like to thank Mrs. Schneerson for not just teaching this class, but putting her heart and soul into it, making sure each and every child is artistically represented.

The Friendship Circle will be selling these pieces at ‘The Art of Friendship’ event on June 19, 2016. For more information or sponsorship opportunities, please contact or visit

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