Song Honors Friendship Circle

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In honor of Friendship Circle Brooklyn’s This Is Me campaign, Crown Heights based singer-songwriter, Mendel Goldman, has released a heartfelt single featuring Menachem Weinstein.

The song, “Like Me,” captures the universal human struggle to find a place of belonging, connection and purpose; an echo of the soul’s voice seeking to express, and be cherished for, its unique mission.

“This song sprang from a very deep place,” explains Goldman. “We all know days when we want to be in someone else’s shoes; days we feel we aren’t good enough. But it’s specifically at these moments that we can tap into our soul-powers and rise strong.”

The song reflects Goldman’s personal connection to the work of Friendship Circle Brooklyn, as he says, “It is my joy and honor to dedicate this song to all the heroes of Friendship Circle, who have all done so much for my brother and for countless children with special needs around the world.”

The song is being released in the lead up to This Is Me—a 24 hour, matching funds campaign to continue providing inclusive, innovative and life-changing programming to the Brooklyn community.