Special Art Shows in Crown Heights

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Hundreds attended the Art of Friendship gallery event by the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn Sunday, viewing original art created by children with special needs.

The “Art of Friendship” featuring original artwork created by the children and young adults of the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn was open this past Sunday.

After many months of working on these creations, hundreds of people from within and beyond the community came to view the beautiful gallery. The creations were made up of watercolor paintings, ceramics, mosaics and brush stroke paintings. Guests were treated to show bags as they came, and upon entering the hall enjoyed the delicious spread of food, fine wines and music.

The visionaries behind this unique EmpowerArt program comes from the Bear Givers Foundation, true believers in putting children with special needs in the driver’s seat.

The joy they receive from seeing the children create the pieces and have them sold to an organization that is dear to the children’s hearts, benefiting them to further enhance their programs, is immeasurable. From the creation of the pieces to the production of the final gallery wall, their partnership and commitment to this event was unparalleled.

We thank all those who came to show their support for the Friendship Circle and its members – the artists. Each of the 100+ art pieces were created under the guidance of R’ Michoel Muchnik, Mrs. Esther Schneerson, Brush Strokes by Estee Klein, Mrs. Tami Fire and Rena Kasten and a team of volunteers, whom we thank profusely for their genuine care and patience and for bringing out the talents in our special children.

The gorgeous Greeting Card Collections were well received and admired.

To purchase the cards or a limited number of paintings still available, please contact us at hello@FCBrooklyn.com or 718.907.8852.

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