Special Moms Treated to Day-Long Retreat

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Mothers of Friendship Circle of Brooklyn were pampered with a full day retreat right here in Brooklyn.

Hosted at Chabad Heights, a full day’s program of inspiration for body and soul was arranged.

“Parenting is a tough job as it is. Adding the component of disabilities makes the challenge even greater. We recognize what the mothers in FC do and wanted to give them a day to unwind, relax and feel taken care of,” said Chani Majesky, director of FC Brooklyn.

Together with Lulu Feldman and Mrs. Chaya Pape, FC invited speakers: Mrs. Vivi Deren, Mrs. Tzirl Goldman, Mrs. Bronya Shaffer and Mrs. Miryam Swerdlov to inspire the moms.

The topics covered and the discussions that were had were vast and detailed at the same time. The messages of hope and humor from each of the speakers were stressed. Mrs. Tzipora Hahn, party planner extraordinaire prepared snack stations, decorative and delicious lunch and dinner tables for dining. Along with words of inspiration were games and activities, a fast-paced interactive workshop that had the ladies sharing and connecting.

After a day full of listening and internalizing, Raizel Gutnick presented a Paint Workshop that allowed the ladies to unwind, followed by some meaningful words and beautiful singing with Mrs. Miriam Ilyayev at dinner.

Over 50 women joined this wonderful program, ranging in ages 22-75. As one mother said, “I feel like I came back from a 3 day vacation! My day was emotional, inspirational, fun, full of delicious foods, met so many incredible ladies and just so fantastic! All the hard work you have done to make this day so special was more then you can ever imagine! I can’t stop telling my family and friends!! They are all overjoyed for me and thrilled what a special community we have. You really gave me chizuk to keep working harder and all these speakers each gave me strength in their own way.”

A beautiful gift was sent home with each of the ladies at the end of the day.

Thank you to the Boozery, Popsanity, Koshertown, Fruits by Pesha, Crust Baker, Mishpocha magazines and Premier Trade Inc.