Students Eager to Volunteer

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Just a few days after the hectic Tishrei schedule came to an end, many Crown Heights high school students gathered for Friendship Circle Brooklyn’s Annual Volunteer Kickoff.

The only program to be offered to all local girls high schools, representatives from Bais Rivkah, Bnos Menachem, Bnos Chomesh, Chabad Girls Academy and Beis Chaya Mushka joined together to volunteer.

The Friendship Circle gives these high school girls a number of opportunities to befriend children with special needs through a variety of programs.

At the door, the girls were greeted with a “Friendship Kit” – to remind them about the importance of joy, flexibility, and kindness that are significant in any friendship.

After munching on a delectable, over the top Sushi buffet, the girls gave their undivided attention to a panel featuring Cham Cham Reichman and Mrs. Devorah Leah Avtzon, moderated by volunteer coordinator, Rochel Karp.

The women gave advice to the students on how to make their Friends at Home experience the best it can be. They shared their own experiences growing up with and raising a child with special needs.

A beautiful video presentation about the World of Possibility that FC creates for children was shown to a captivated audience. Rochel Karp reviewed Friendship Circle’s policies and guidelines for the various programs with an interactive slideshow.

As the evening ended, Mrs. Chani Majesky, director of Friendship Circle Brooklyn, addressed the volunteers on the importance of their role within their community.

This year’s School Presidents were then introduced: Shani Azimov, Peri Rimler, Mashi Junik, Tova Sufrin, Moussia Kraus, Tehila Leverton, and Nena Popak.

Special thanks was given to Rochel Karp and Lulu Feldman for coordinating this event.

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