Take It To the Streets!

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This article was written by Miriam Brosseau for Charidy.com’s Blog.

The average American is seeing between 4000 and 10000 ads…a day.

That’s a lot of messaging to cut through. How does your fundraising campaign stand out?

In this digitally-driven world, we tend to focus on the usual channels – email, website, Facebook,  Instagram – and that’s all vital. But we can’t forget the value of “in real life.” Reinforcing your campaign’s message not just across digital channels, but in the real spaces where your supporters walk and eat and generally congregated – that really helps you stand out.

Take this example from the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn:

(Talk about on-the-ground engagement.)

Chalk messaging can do a lot for your campaign:

  • Because they’re hand-written, they add a fun, easy human touch to the overall campaign(one that helped the Friendship Circle build momentum all the way through their bonus round).
  • Chalk does double-duty as a volunteer engagement opportunity. For instance, families with young children looking for a way to volunteer with your cause may jump at the chance to bring their kids out to color.
  • Chalk messaging looks great in real life… and as additional online campaign content. As the Instagram post above illustrates, your volunteers’ artistry will translate beautifully to social channels and catch the attention of even more potential donors. Win-win!

There are lots of other ways to think about the “guerrilla marketing” for your crowdfunding campaign (in fact, we wrote up a few ideas here); just make sure you’re following your local ordinances and not doing anything permanent or damaging. And most importantly, have some fun with it!

How will you take your next campaign to the streets?