Friendship Circle Meets Community Helpers

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Have you ever heard the sound of wailing sirens and stopped to think about the incredible selfless individuals who risk their lives when heading to an emergency?

At Friendship Circle of Brooklyn’s Sunday Circle program, the children had the opportunity to meet individuals who help make this all happen. Each week, the children got to hear from different presenters who shared their day-to-day activities as a community worker, and what we as residents can do to aid them in their work.

Have you ever discussed with your children about stranger danger, who to ask for help from in case of emergency, and guidelines for street safety? Detective Paul Parkinson and Officer Denzil Trim from the 71st precinct shared key tips on how to stay safe at all times. After the workshop, the children were treated to a tour of a police vehicle. They then presented freshly baked cookies to the officers to share with their fellow colleagues back in the precinct.

Did you know that Hatzalah has a response time of 1-2 minutes during the day? Did you know there are 62 active members in the Crown Heights division? Chanan Feldman, one of Crown Heights’ active members for over 15 years, shared the ABC’s of safety with the children and gave them a tour of an ambulance.

With all the news shared about the rising tensions between countries, preparing troops for war, there are people like retired colonel Jacob Goldstein who know what it means to be in the army. The children heard the inside scoop about a day in the life of an army chaplain who helped Jews stay strong in their Yiddishkeit at the front lines of war. Then, they all had the opportunity to try on Goldstein’s medal-decorated uniform.

As the community expands, the need for housing grows. The Shark Demolition team, headed by Duddy Katz, shared with the children the importance of destruction in order to rebuild a stronger home. Children had a BLAST checking out the insides of a dump truck and honking the loud horn.

In the 21st century, schools are struggling to find ways to create excitement among children about learning how to read. The library truck, founded by Mrs. Orli Dubov of the AMC, is a colorful vehicle that piques the interest of children of all ages as it drives around town. The library truck made a special stop at Friendship Circle’s space to give the children a chance to browse through the shelves filled with books.

Have you sat down with your children recently to review the safety measures you set in place? Take the time today to do it again! Have you been helped out recently by a community member? Do a good deed and reach out today to thank them for their service!

On behalf of the children and families of Friendship Circle, thank you to all the community members for taking the time to join us at our Sunday Circle program and for teaching us the ins and outs of what it means to be a part of a community.