This mother was SHOCKED

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These two 8th graders left the mother speechless. After all, she knows her daughter better than anyone else in the world. She knows what her daughter can achieve, and what to expect of her, too.

It was the third night of Chanukah. Small groups of 8th graders were making private Chanukah parties in various FC families’ homes. This experience was the culmination of a new sensitivity and awareness program that the 8th graders had recently graduated from at Friendship Circle.

A cute 11-year old red-headed girl greeted them as they entered the home. This child doesn’t use language or words to communicate, but a device where she selects preset questions and comments to get her message across. So when these two 8th grade girls sat down on the floor next to her and asked what her favorite color is, this mother’s mind was whirling. “Are you crazy?” She thought. “She probably doesn’t even know her colors, let alone have a favorite!” She was baffled that these girls were coming so unprepared. “They should have known better than to ask her this.”

But her shock turned on its head when her daughter pulled out her iPad and pressed GREEN.

Every week our volunteers enter homes with no preconceived notions of what a child can or cannot accomplish. They enter with love, acceptance and joy. The time that they spend together allows them to accomplish and achieve things far greater than anyone can imagine.

Sometimes, they’re the only ones that even think to ask.