Time Out for Moms of Special Kids

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40 women gathered on Sunday morning for a special program for Friendship Circle mothers, held at the ’94 Shul in Crown Heights. With three highly sought out speakers, the women were treated to a beautiful morning for themselves.

It was a beautiful way to start the week. The topic was “Nurturing your Self – Mind, Body and Soul.” With so many responsibilities and tasks to fulfill on a day to day basis, it was time to stop and hear from the experts! It’s not easy getting out on a Sunday morning, but the mothers took time to make sure their children (and husbands) were taken care of and had what to do, so they could attend this one of a kind event.

Director of Chai Lifeline’s Family and Clinical Services, Dr. Cheryl Book spoke about staying healthy in our minds. She discussed not getting stuck on negative emotions, the importance of labeling them and taking the time to acknowledge them before moving on. She stressed how finding time to do something for yourself – and for each person, it will be different – is not an option but mandatory.

Beth Warren, CEO of Beth Warren nutrition, emphasized the importance of healthy sleep and food patterns – making sure to take an hour at the beginning of each week to prepare healthy foods that could sustain you for a number of days. She related that taking the time to exercise, making sure it’s one you enjoy, will boost confidence, give energy and make you function at a higher level. The importance of breaking bad habits and staying away from things that don’t make you feel good was also addressed.

Lastly, Mrs. Vivi Deren, Head Shlucha to Stamford, Connecticut, had the crowd mesmerized, as she spoke about her own experiences and shared some tools from her fantastic “toolbox”. She validated the feelings of anger, overwhelming sadness and pain, but lifted the women as she reminded them how lucky we are to have a partnership with Hashem – that He is with us in our suffering and will always be by our side. The importance of connecting, trusting and believing in Him, although we don’t understand and have many questions, is fundamental.

She ended off by saying that we need to demand Moshiach – we need to demand NORMAL in this world – an end to the suffering, sickness, illness and pain. We need to ask for a world of NORMAL, where families can live happily together.

Time to schmooze, coffee breaks, delicious lunch spread, raffled gifts, door prizes, snack bags and a take home succulent plant made the day just perfect.

We truly appreciate the assistance and generosity of: Sushi Spot 2, Glitz, Greens of BP, Vintage, Mrs Karczag, Malka Michla Perlow, Freeda Wigs, Musia Wilhelm, Chanie Greenbaum, The Home Depot and The ’94 Shul.

A special thank you to organizers Mrs Chaya Pape, Nechama Dina Shmukler and Chani Majesky for arranging this most detailed and beautiful program.

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