Veteran’s Day at PacPlex

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While many in the religious community may not have taken notice, many public and Well, the The Friendship Circle of Brooklyn treated a group of children with special needs for an outing as charter schools were closed while the United States commemorated Veteran’s Day. It was part of the Friendship Circle’s Public Holiday Initiative and scholarship fund that offers a full day outing and an action-packed schedule.

The children were bussed to PacPlex, Brooklyn’s largest indoor sports and recreational facility. Together with volunteers from the Bnos Menachem school, headed by Perl Feigin and Mousia Telsner, the children enjoyed crafts, turf games and aerobics. “It’s our chance to imbue the kids with wholesome fun in a warm and loving environment,” said Mrs. Chani Majesky, director of Friendship Circle, “the smiles of these precious kids, are priceless”. She thanked Mr. Irv Landau and Ms. Irene Schmidt of PacPlex and Sheina Chincholker of the Friendship Circle office for making the day so memorable.

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