Volunteers Night on the Town

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Volunteers for the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn gathered for an evening of fun and inspiration enjoying food and a game show.

This week our volunteers joined together for an evening of fun and inspiration. The girls were welcomed with an exquisite Yogurt and cookie bar, with all volunteers getting to choose from a variety of tasty toppings.

Sectioned off on the wall was a lit up area for all the girls to take a minute and jot down “what Friendship Circle means to them” on a colorful note; as well as take upon themselves an Hachlata for a speedy and complete refuah for fellow volunteer, Leah bas Nechama Dina.

The program was opened by FCBKLN Director, Mrs. Chani Majesky, who thanked the girls for their commitment and dedication; reminding them that although life is busy with tests, productions and convention, the visits they make are having a huge impact on the lives of the children and their families, and thanking them for keeping F@H visits a priority in their lives.

Next was a spectacular game show by Holly Rock Entertainment. The challenges got the girls on their feet competing for their team to win. The Friendship Circle staff, volunteers and families all must work as a team to complete the circle of friendship.

The program concluded with each girl taking home an activity kit, which they delivered and played with on their next visit to their buddies home. The Friendship Circle presented each volunteer with a book on inclusion written by the JLI Team for the Ruderman Chabad Inclusion Initiative.

Special thanks to Esther Rimler and school presidents Lulu Feldman, Sara Kugel, Rikki Rimler, Miriam Chazan and Sara Osdoba for all their work on this program.

Decor by: Mushki Tenenbaum Photos: Jakub Redziniak

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