We couldn’t get a picture…

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To these kids it was the most normal thing in the world. But when I walked in, I was moved to tears.

A group of neuro-typical children were playing a game of indoor soccer while our Shabbos Minyan was happening in the next room. In walks a new attendee to our Minyan, a young 11 year old boy with Down Syndrome. The young boys didn’t question it or hesitate for even a second. He was quickly added to a team, names were exchanged and the game went on.

How blessed that this is our new normal. It wasn’t too long ago that the special needs population was sidelined, ignored or G-d forbid even worse. The work and effort that Friendship Circle is putting in, guided by the Rebbe’s teachings, are having a huge impact on the way our Special Children are treated today; literally changing the landscape of our entire community.