What touched us the most

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Purim at Friendship Circle Brooklyn was filled with a massive event for 200+ people, private megillah readings for homebound children, TONS of volunteer engagement with our girls and Bochurim visiting their special friends, and our Uplift Program that allowed our mainstream community to learn about the value of giving to others.


But do you know what touched us the most?


Receiving pictures and messages from ADULTS in the community; ones who aren’t necessarily part of our ‘network’; who also went and visited their special friends (from their high school days) to bring them Shalach Manos.


The work of Friendship Circle continues far beyond what we know.


We plant a little seed in people’s minds: get involved, give to others, think about others. And look at what grows!


May the joy of Adar continue!


Rabbi Berel and Chani Majesky

PS – Ten years ago, our special children sat in their homes and watched their neighbors and siblings run around, give and receive, and get caught up in the excitement of Purim day.

For the past few years, our Special Children had that too. But this year was NEXT LEVEL. Thank you to everyone who got involved!