Friendship Circle of Brooklyn Teen Volunteers

Volunteer with Friendship Circle of Brooklyn

Teen Volunteers

The Teen Division of the Friendship Circle Volunteer Club has grown to over 250 young adults ages 14 – 21. Each volunteer is matched with a child who has special needs. Together, they form a friendship by participating together in one or many of Friendship Circle’s weekly recreational programs.

Why Should I Join?
    • A fun and exciting way of giving back to the community.
    • Fulfill your school’s community service requirement.
    • To gain a broader understanding about children with special needs and their disabilities.
    • To make a difference in a child’s life by becoming their best friend.
  • Participate in exclusive volunteer only special events.

Presidents Club

Every year Friendship Circle elects presidents. Presidents have many roles including being a role model for the kids and other volunteers. Learn More

Volunteer Mobile App

To assist our volunteers with keeping track of their visits, we provide our young tech-savvy volunteers with an interactive mobile app. The app allows them to log the hours they volunteer with The Friendship Circle, comment on the progress and growth of their “friend” and offer ideas how to better the program. It is easy to access and use, additionally the volunteers are able to buy prizes with the points that they earn through volunteering for the Friendship Circle.


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